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Best feasibility assessment services by Non Profit Growth? NPG quickly secured funding for the Island York and now have a long-term relationship to help this amazing charity achieve bigger goals. NPG worked with us to secure much needed funding to continue our work, but also to expand our growth. I am so grateful and would highly recommend NPG to anyone looking to secure funding for their work. NPG are excellent, very professional and easy to communicate with and they have your best interests at heart.

For registered charities, we recognise the difficulty and often frustration in accessing funding for both short-term projects and for long-term sustainability and growth. Luckily, there are a range of opportunities out there for charities but navigating these can be challenging. NPG helps you access the best funding avenues and put in place long-term fundraising strategies. We want to help your charity achieve financial stability and go from strength to strength, so that you can instead focus on delivering your life-changing work. If you are an unincorporated association, finding funding can be even more difficult. Despite delivering crucial projects within local communities, unincorporated associations often fall under the radar for larger government grants and loans…

In an increasingly diverse world, it is important that we cater to the needs of every community that exists, and faith is no different. Belonging is an integral part to a human’s wellbeing and faith provides this for millions of people across the globe. We want to help embed this into the fabric of society, through giving your organisation the financial stability it needs to operate. With numerous trusts explicitly excluding funding for faith-based projects, we will use our unique relationships, such as with to help provide you with the support you need. However, it is extremely important to note that there are many grant givers that are faith specific and will support projects specifically led by a leadership that represents specific faith communities. We know how to find and provide the best responses to these trusts and foundations. Read extra details at Non-Profit Growth.

Combining ROI-oriented grant fundraising with story driven proposals, NPG creates fundraising campaigns with compelling narratives that exceed fundraising and growth goals. NPG begins each project with a full understanding and firm commitment to your strategic objectives. For organisations looking to clarify, expand or rethink their perspective, we offer the following strategic services. Navigating a vast range of opportunities can be daunting, especially as many funders will only consider projects that fall into their priority themes or cover specific geographical areas. Additionally, they may have a range of exclusion criteria. Instead of spending hours seeking out funders for your projects, NPG uses our years of experience with trusts, foundations, philanthropists, and rich lists, to find you perfect matches. This allows you to focus on delivering your life-changing projects. We carefully align your priorities to that of the funders, only recommending those who offer you the right type and level of funding for your needs.